Special Programs for Students from Our Partner Universities

Japan Study Program

The Japan Study Program is designed for exchange students who have attained levels N3 to N1 in the JLPT, and starts from April and September every year. It aims to provide students with an understanding of Japanese culture, and improve their Japanese language skills by practical lessons and small classes. Students can choose either a one or two-semester program.

Japanese Class

Cherry blossom Viewing

Closing Ceremony

Economics & Japanese Program

The Economics & Japanese Program is designed for exchange students who major in economics and study Japanese. The duration is one semester and starts from September every year. Students mainly take subjects of the Faculty of Economics such as a specialized seminar, or readings of non-Japanese language books. These subjects are conducted in English. Japanese classes are also required to improve Japanese language skills.

Japanese Studies Summer Program

The program aims to provide students with an understanding of contemporary Japan and improve their Japanese language skills. This course is designed for students who want to start or who have been studying Japanese language, society and/ or culture for 2 years or less.

During the first half of the course, students are required to take daily Japanese language classes. Two levels of Japanese classes are offered: (1)Japanese language 1 for students who have studied Japanese foe less than one semester; and (2)Japanese Language 2 for more advanced students. Students are also required to attend a series of lecture titled “Japanese culture and society” conducted in English.

These lectures provide students with the necessary background to gain a greater understanding of Japan’s historic sites, culture and lifestyle which they will visit and experience during the course. The study portion of the program is followed by participation in an optional tour of various areas throughout Japan.