Graduate School

To stimulate intellectual pursuit and promote research and education compatible with today’s highest standards

The Graduate School aims to graduate students who have gained an advanced level of understanding in their specific fields and who have acquired the ability to apply that knowledge in a variety of areas within society. To give people of all ages and occupations the opportunity to pursue graduate studies at TGU, all divisions of the Graduate School have both day and evening courses.

A Master's degree is awarded upon successful completion of the master's course. This course entails at least two years of study. A doctoral degree is awarded upon completion of the doctoral course, which entails at least three years of study beyond the completion of the master's course.

Degrees offered in the Graduate School

Division Course Master Doctor
Division of Letters Course of English Language and Literature
Course of European Historical and Cultural Studies
Course of Asian Historical and Cultural Studies
Division of Economics Course of Economics
Division of Business Administration Course of Business Administration  
Division of Law Course of Law
Division of Engineering Course of Mechanical Engineering
Course of Electrical Engineering
Course of Electronic Engineering
Course of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Division of Human Informatics Course of Human Informatics