Specialized fields

Electricity / Control Field

Students learn knowledge and skills capable of dealing with modern society’s difficulties and demands, including technologies for conversion from natural energy to electrical energy and efficiency-supportive technologies for electrical equipment. They acquire technologies to generate electricity and share it, technologies to apply electricity extensively, and technologies to control electrical systems safely and efficiently.

Information / Communications Field

Information technology (IT) supports various digitalized information, including character information (e.g., e-mails), speech/acoustic information (e.g., telephony), and image information (e.g., television). Students study the four fundamental technologies of IT: information transformation, information processing, information transmission technology, and information exchange.

Electronic / Materials Systems Field

Students acquire knowledge and skills related to electronic materials to develop high-function electronic devices and new electronics that support social infrastructure. Study in this area fosters engineers with creative faculties and practical skills by enhancing learning in the three fields in particular: Device/Materials Basics, Materials Engineering, and Device Engineering.