Faculty of Human Sciences

Studying in the Faculty of Human Sciences

Understanding individual minds, bodies, and the social context in which individuals exist is essential for unraveling the workings of the human mind. Following this perspective, students in the Faculty of Human Sciences comprehensively study foundational, applied, and clinical psychology, as well as related fields such as sports science and sociology. Throughout this broad curriculum, our faculty aims to cultivate professionals capable of addressing the diverse contemporary issues related to human minds and bodies, utilizing multidimensional and evidence-based approaches.

Recent devastations caused by earthquakes, heavy rainfall, war, and the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic have reminded us of the significance of psychology and behavioral sciences in managing our mental and physical well-being. This is because the challenges faced by our minds, bodies, and society are more evident during emergencies and in the aftermath of such disasters than in normal times. Studying the multifaceted workings of the human mind and social behavior in these difficult times leads to a deeper understanding of various aspects of oneself and others’ mental and physical states. Ultimately, we believe that producing graduates with such knowledge will contribute to creating a better society for all.

Areas to study in the Faculty of Human Sciences

Psychology, sports science, and sociology