Faculty of Letters

Studying in the Faculty of Letters

Students of the Faculty of Letters study human beings through Letters. Based on the knowledge and ways of thinking acquired for understanding how human beings should be and how they should live, the Faculty aims for developing students with abilities and attitudes sufficient for living with others. The Faculty’s motto of “Think for Yourself, Think for the World” represents that objective directly.

The Faculty of Letters is a place to know oneself, to think by oneself, and to act with others.

The Faculty of Letters has four departments and ten specialized fields.

The Faculty of Letters comprises the four departments of English, General Humanities, History, and Education. In the departments of English, General Humanities, and History, the completion of a specialized field of study will be certified at graduation according to the learning requirements of the department. Although the Department of Education has no specialized field, it specifically emphasizes sciences of education, child education, English language education, cross-cultural understanding education, and teaching practice.