Faculty of International Studies

Features of the Faculty of International Studies

The Faculty of International Studies aims to develop “good global citizens” who are capable of thinking and acting with people of different backgrounds. The faculty, while prioritizing Japan and East Asia, values to nurture in our students a broad perspective of the world. Students are therefore encouraged to learn about the diversity of languages, cultures, and societies, in order to help them identify potential global problems and challenges to tackle and resolve. We aim to provide students with an environment that resembles a microcosm of global society. Students will feel at home with the term ‘international,’ because they are constantly in contact with faculty members working together in multiple languages, while overcoming differences in their national origins and specialized fields. Because Japanese often serves as the common language in a multilingual environment in Japan, the faculty also provides a program for learning Japanese language education. Students have opportunities to practice multicultural communication on site by participating in activities to support foreigners living in our local communities.

Academic fields that can be taken in the Faculty of International Studies

  • Languages and Multiculturalism
  • East Asian Studies
  • Global Studies