Graduate Schools

Graduate schools are designed to educate not only professional researchers but also people with a high level of ability and profound knowledge who are able to deal with the diversity and complications of society and be active in numerous and diverse areas in society. To respond to the demands of society entering the era of full-scale lifelong learning, all schools actively accept working adults. We have introduced a day-and-night lecture system to deal flexibly with their working patterns.

Graduate schools have the Doctoral Program consisting of a first stage (2 years) and a second stage (3 years). A master’s degree will be conferred to students who have completed the first stage. A doctorate will be awarded to those who have completed the second stage.

Graduate School Program Master Doctor
Graduate School of
Master’s (Doctoral) program in English Language and Literature
Master’s (Doctoral) program in European Historical and Cultural Studies
Master’s (Doctoral) program in Asian Historical and Cultural Studies
Graduate School of
Master’s (Doctoral) program in Economics
Graduate School of
Business Administration
Master’s program in Business Administration
Graduate School of
Master’s (Doctoral) program in Law
Graduate School of
Master’s (Doctoral) program in Mechanical Engineering
Master’s (Doctoral) program in Electrical Engineering
Master’s (Doctoral) program in Electronic Engineering
Master’s (Doctoral) program in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Graduate School of
Human Informatics
Master’s (Doctoral) program in Human Informatics