Faculty of Business Administration

Mission and Purpose of Education in the Faculty of Business Administration

By studying business administration theoretically and systematically, students aim to acquire knowledge to solve difficulties held in companies and communities and contribute to creating a well-being society. The faculty has declared an educational mission, the fusion of theory and practice of business management, and enriched the contents of the curriculum to realize the mission.

For example, in “Business Case Study” class, theories and methods to analyze, formulate and present corporate strategies are educated. In “Omotenashi (Japanese-styled hospitality) Management” class, the faculty cooperates with Japanese female senior service managers (Okamisan in Japanese) of traditional Japanese Inn. in Miyagi prefecture to present opportunities for students to think about what good hospitality is and how local tourism destinations develop. In “Practice for Business Management” class, based on field survey, students try to find and solve the problems that regional companies and communities must face. In addition, there is a seminar that cooperates and discusses with the businesspeople in the retail industry and formulates proposals to revitalize the shopping districts or streets in Miyagi prefecture.

As mentioned above, the curriculum provides multiple and unique opportunities for students to learn business management theoretically and practically.