Faculty of Business Administration

To foster a creative business mentality capable of producing new value

The Faculty of Business Administration offers the opportunity to study a variety of aspects of business administration including the management of businesses and non profit organizations and innovative city planning.

By adopting a broad approach to the study of administration, the relationship between a variety of factors can be explored (e.g., international events, community needs, market trends, strategic planning and capital procurement).

These factors, broadly organized into four fields (management, marketing, finance and accounting), can be effectively mastered in each of the four study courses offered by our department.


Management course

Trains students in the development of new businesses and strategic planning; the management of companies, hospitals and social service facilities; project management; human resources management.

Marketing course

Prepares students for work in products and services development; event planning; customer support.

Finance course

Trains students to work as a financial planner; stock analyst; bank worker; stockbroker.

Accounting course

Prepares students for work in tax accounting; general accounting(CPA); accounting for planning and control.