Department of Business Administration

Overview of the Faculty of Business Administration

In the Faculty of Business Administration, based on the systematic study of management and accounting theories, students will learn to solve various problems corporations and communities face. Faculty members conducting advanced research in management, marketing, accounting, and finance areas instruct students in their study of theory and analysis of business case studies and related data. It should be underlined that the number of professors, books, and library documents are among the best in the Tohoku region in the field of business administration and accounting education.

Our faculty graduates play vital and indispensable roles in various industries in the Tohoku region. In addition, we have produced many top managers and accounting professionals, such as certified public accountants or licensed tax accountants (Zeirishi in Japanese), to the Tohoku region.

Learning Content

Learn theories and practices of corporate management and acquire knowledge and abilities to discover and resolve difficulties in companies and local communities.

Major Area of Specialization

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting/Financing