Faculty of Law

Legal knowledge and legal thought for human dignity

The Faculty of Law seeks to develop in students an accurate knowledge of the law and an ability to answer fundamental questions regarding the necessity, rationality, practicality, and purpose of the law. First year students are required to take introductory courses on various aspects of the law. Second year students must choose one of the 6 courses according to his/her interests and future vocational preferences. The Faculty of Law seeks to graduate students who have an advanced knowledge of law and who are able to use that ability for the benefit of human diginity.


Policy Administration

For students who want to work in the public sector, e.g., civil servants, labor standard inspectors and national tax officials.

Corporate Legal Affairs

For students who plan to work in the legal division of private companies, and manage a business.

International Legal Affairs

For students who are interested in undertaking law related international activities, work in trading companies, or international NGOs.

Judicial Services

For students who are interested in working in the area of judicature, e.g., clerk or secretary of the court and legal practitioners.

Legal Profession

For students who want to go to Law School and become judges, public prosecutors, or lawyers.

General Legal Affairs

For students who wish to take a more general approach to the study of law.

Students enroll in seminar classes from their first year. In these classes, students undertake research projects and make presentations. Through discussions with other class members and professors, students expand their understanding of the law and improve their communication skills.