“Three-part plan” on education

In order to increase understanding of our institution, in 2009 Tohoku Gakuin University announced the following “three-part plan” which outlines (1) the principles underlying the type of students we seek to graduate; (2) the educational programs employed to this end; and (3) the types of students we seek to attract. Part (1) of this plan is as follows.

Mission Statement regarding type of students we seek to graduate

TGU seeks graduate students with a Bachelor of Art's degree based on the following guiding principles. Students are expected to abide by these principles in the pursuit of their degree via the prescribed academic curriculum.

1. To live a proper life

To live a proper life, students should be aware of the ideas of those who came before them, in particular the word of the Bible and its relevance to modern society.

2. The development of fundamental skills required for continued intellectual pursuit

Students should develop an awareness of the value of a university education as well as the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. The fundamental skills of communication, logical argumentation, information and mathematical literacy constitute the foundation of such a pursuit.

3. The development of specialized knowledge in a major field of study and the corresponding cognitive skills

Students should gain a systematic understanding of basic knowledge along with the key lines of reasoning specific to their major of study.

4. The ability to consider things from a variety of Perspectives

Students should develop a view of the world and the self in relation to history, society and the natural order, They should also approach the specialized knowledge and reasoning patterns gained in their major field of study from a broad minded perspective.

5. The ability to apply the education gained in a holistic fashion to the solving of a variety of problems

Students should strive to apply the knowledge, skills and temperament gained as a result of their academic endeavors in a holistic fashion to the identification and resolution of a variety of issues.