Message from the President

Haruki Onishi, President

Tohoku Gakuin was founded in 1886 as Sendai Theological Seminary by Masayoshi Oshikawa and William E. Hoy, a missionary. Today, 133 years later, based on Christian ideals and insuring academic freedom, Tohoku Gakuin University (TGU) aims to provide its students with an environment that allows them to pursue the truth and to develop to their full potential.

The world today is changing dramatically; socially, politically, economically, and in other areas as well. It is our mission to send forth graduates who have a global perspective, individuals who are responsible and have the ability to make decisions and act upon them. To this end, TGU is committed to nurturing the character of each individual student while also providing the education necessary so that they have the ability to integrate the knowledge of their discipline and interface with others. From the humanities and social sciences to engineering, TGU has 6 faculties and a graduate school and is the largest private university in the Tohoku and Hokkaido area. Since its foundation, TGU has been a place where people from different nations and cultures have come to study together, facilitating and contributing to the increased understanding of each culture represented. It is a tradition we are proud to continue.