Department of English

Classes in the Department of English are kept as small as possible with the goal that students will effectively develop their English communication skills as well as their sense of humanity. Through the study of English, it is hoped that students become acquainted with both the artistic and scientific aspects of language, further develop their linguistic sensibilities, and ultimately become multicultural individuals. Our department offers the following four research areas from which students choose one area of specialization. The English Communication Research Area pursues research from the perspectives of language acquisition, language & society and intercultural communication. The English Literature Research Area focuses on developing the imaginative and expressive abilities of students through the study of British and American literature and drama. The English Linguistics Research Area raises student awareness of universal aspects of language through the study of phonological, grammatical, semantic, and historical aspects of English. The General English Language Research Area provides a holistic approach to the English language and English speaking cultures through the study of language, literature, culture and translation.