Profits from collaborative Loft project presented to lions


Last June, ‘Zoo Jeans’ were created at the Yagiyama Zoo in Sendai. Zoo Jeans are made from sturdy denim which is then ‘damaged’ by animals at the zoo.

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The idea to create this unique product resulted as part of a collaborative project between Tohoku Gakuin University student members of the Morimachi CoAL club, the Loft and the Yagiyama Zoo. The sale of Zoo Jeans is part of a charity auction which began in August and as of September 3rd only a few pairs remained.

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On September 3rd, at 1:00 pm, in the 30 degree Celsius heat, in front of the lion cages a special ceremony was held. Curtis, a male lion, and O’Neil, a female lion, were presented with raw meat purchased with the profits from the sale of Zoo Jeans.

As part of the ceremony, presided over by Sendai ‘Loft’ representative Mr. Matsumoto, 24 kilograms of raw lamb meat were presented by Morimachi CoAL club members (Ms. Abo, Ms. Gounai, and Ms. Sato), a Sendai Loft representative (Ms. Nakai); and the director of the Yagiyama Zoo (Mr. Toshiaki Ouchi). Following the official ceremony, the meat was fed to the lions by zoo staff.  Zoo visitors and their children who witnessed the event commented how on how delicious the meat must have been for the lions and how impressive it was to watch.

We look forward to the next project from the Tohoku Gakuin University student members of Morimachi CoAL and Sendai Loft as part of their collaborative effort called “Loft Laboratory.”

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