Complex exercise improves the brain function


・Complex exercise such as badminton improves high order cognitive function.
・Complex exercise might activate brain regions associated with high order cognitive function more than simplex
・In future research, the association between complex exercise and the activation of specific brain regions will be
   studied using physiological measurements.

Dr. Shinji Takahashi from the Faculty of liberal arts at Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan and Dr. Philip M. Grove at the University of Queensland, Australia examined that 1) complex exercise like badminton for 10 min improves high-level cognitive function and 2) simple exercise like running for 10 min does not have a positive impact on cognitive functions.These findings could be helpful for exercise prescription for health promotion.

This study is published in “PLOS ONE” at 14:00 eastern of September 4th 2019 time (Japanese time 4:00 of September 5th 2019).

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