The TGU economics team won the first prize at the nationwide competition in presentations! - "The 66th Japan Students Seminar Contest in Economics"


191219-1_1.jpg At " The 66th Japan Students Seminar Contest in Economics " held at Kansai University on December 1, the presentation "Whereabouts of Plastic Garbage - Possibility of Chemical Recycling" of Prof. Kurata’s Seminar Team D (Mr. Kengo Abe, Mr. Futo Onodera, Ms.Erika Kanno, Mr. Kenta Fujii) won the first prize.
 This contest is the largest academic convention in Japan with over 1,500 students from the departments of economics, business administration, and commerce from across Japan, and the qualified winners of the preliminary competition on October 27 gathered for the “Final” on December 1.  Twenty-two teams were divided into three subsections for presentations in the final competition.
 This is the first time for students of Tohoku Gakuin University to win the first prize in this competition. Congratulations!

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