Tohoku Gakuin University Faculty of Business Administration and Regional Symbiosis Promotion Organization co-hosted an international symposium and an open lecture on tourism research


 Faculty of Business Administration and Regional Symbiosis Promotion Organization of Tohoku Gakuin University co-hosted the international symposium and open lecture on tourism research at the Tsuchitoi Campus on February 13th (Thu) and 14th (Fri).
   For both days, Prof. Takatoshi Murayama, Prof. Kohsuke Matsuoka, Associate Prof. Atsushi Akiike of the Faculty of Business Administration and the staffs of Regional Symbiosis Promotion Organization had been making preparations for symposium. We also received financial support from the Transcosmos Foundation. Two internationally active tourism researchers were invited from the University of South Australia as lecturers for the symposium and open lecture. The University of South Australia is positioned as one of Australia's top universities. Faculty of Business Administration of Tohoku Gakuin University has developed the exchanging educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students of the University of South Australia for several years by Prof. Kohsuke Matsuoka.
 On the first day (13th), the international symposium “Tourism Development in the Tohoku (North-eastern) Region, Japan: Insights from Foreign Researchers” was held at the Tsuchitoi Campus Hoy Memorial Building. Prof. Takatoshi Murayama, as a main facilitator, proceeded the opening ceremony and symposium. At first, the opening address was delivered by Prof. Yoshiyuki Saito, Dean of Business Administration. We also received an address to celebrate the symposium from Mr. Hideki Nagura, a corporate officer of Transcosmos Inc. After that, Professor Graham Brown of University of South Australia introduced the city of Adelaide and the University of South Australia to audience.
 The first report is from Associate Professor Rob, Hallak (University of South Australia) on “Developing the Tourism Industry in Regional Destination through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” The second report is from Professor Graham Brown on “Place Transformation: The Role of Eventscapes of the Olympic Games”, and the third report is from Prof. Takatoshi Murayama,“Measuring the Competitiveness of a Japanese Local Tourism Destination: A Case of Miyagi Zao Mountain Area” (Takatoshi  Murayama, Rob Hallak, Kohsuke Matsuoka and Atsushi Akiike: University of South Australia and Tohoku Gakuin University joint presentation). After each report, there was a Q&A session. Miss Shiho, Saito of the International Christian University and Miss Mika, Sagara of the Tohoku Gakuin University acted as student interpreters for audience in the session. Mr. Yuichiro Saito of Ishinomaki DMO and Associate Prof. Sotaro Katsumata of Osaka University commented on the content of presentations, and the reporters responded to their comments.
   After the symposium, a social gathering (sponsored by Sosei Publishing Co., Ltd.) was set up at the workshop court, Colatelier Liaison. After the greeting from President Haruki Ohnishi of Tohoku Gakuin Univesity, the participants exchanged information and ideas in a friendly atmosphere.

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 On the following day (14th), “Lectures on Tourism Studies in English” was held at the H303 classroom of the Hoy Memorial Building. One of the objectives of this lecture was to expose students to the atmosphere of class of foreign university and to improve linguistic skills of students. Under the moderation of Prof. Kosuke, Matsuoka, the lectures, “An Introduction of Event Tourism Studies” from Prof. Graham, Brown and “An Introduction to Entrepreneurship in Tourism Industry” from Associate Prof. Rob, Hallak, were presented to students. All of lectures were implemented only in English. Like the previous day's symposium, the participants asked to question, and the lecturers responded to question with humor. After the lecture, Prof. Graham Brown, Associate Prof. Rob Hallak, President Haruki Ohnishi, and Ikuko Sasaki, Director of International Exchange, took a commemorative photo in front of the main building of the Tsuchitoi Campus.
 In addition, Friday (Fri. 14th) to Tuesday (Tue. 18th), the tourism and hospitality research team of the Faculty of Business Administration (Yoshiyuki Saito, Takatoshi Murayama, Kohsuke Matsuoka, Atsushi Akiike) conducted a joint research study in Miyagi Prefecture and Tokyo with Professor Graham Brown. They had exchanged opinions for the launch of a new research and education project on tourism. The Faculty of Business Administration will continue to promote this kind of international collaborative research projects.

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