Dear members and friends of the Tohoku Gakuin community:


Here in Sendai we are still reeling from the impact of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean earthquake and tsunami that hit us just a few weeks ago (March 11). We extend our deepest sympathies to all who are suffering in the aftermath of the ferocious earthquake that has left over 10,000 people dead and many more missing. We are especially saddened to report that our investigative and follow-up efforts have found, among those treasured souls, members and relatives of our own Gakuin community.

Our school has lost students, students have lost parents and siblings, and many more have lost homes and other property. Many of the facilities on all three of our campuses have been seriously damaged. We are now in the process of trying to pick up the pieces and prepare for the beginning of another academic year.

In the midst of such tragedy however, many individuals and institutions have risen up to help us and others who are in such dire need. We are deeply grateful and, in a very real sense, inspired by the heartfelt concern that has already been shown to us and other needy groups and people by so many who so joyfully have given so sacrificially.

The difficulties we face are, for us, without precedent; however, we are committed to dealing with these hardships and others to come, as we seek to continue ministering to the educational and spiritual needs of our students. To this task God has called us; and to carry out this task, we claim as our own the words of the great gospel song, “We Shall Overcome,” as we seek to live and proclaim the message of Christian peace and mercy during this time of tragedy. With sincere thanks in advance for your continuing prayers and support, we are,


Kenji Hirakouji,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Tohoku Gakuin
Nozomu Hoshimiya,
Chancellor of Tohoku Gakuin, President of Tohoku Gakuin University