Tohoku Gakuin University Accepts Ukrainian Students


 Tohoku Gakuin University (TGU) is allowing graduate and undergraduate students from Ukraine who have difficulty continuing their studies or research due to the armed invasion by Russian forces to apply as research students.




1. Eligibility: Displaced Ukrainian graduate and undergraduate students who have acquired basic Japanese skills and are unable to continue their studies or research due to the armed invasion by Russia.

2. Application period: From July 1 (Fri.), 2022 to July 18 (Mon.), 2022

3. Application Documents:
(1)Application form for TGU Research Students (designated form)
(2)Certificate of graduation or certificate of expected graduation from the last school or university attended
(3)Transcript of academic records from the last school or university attended
(4)Health Report (in case special consideration is required)
(5)Copy of passport or residence card
(6)ID photo file (a photo taken with a smartphone is acceptable)
 * Please let us know if there is a problem submitting (2) and (3) because of the invasion.

4. Submit to: Tohoku Gakuin University International Affairs Office

5. Number of participants: 4

6. Notification of Acceptance: An acceptance letter will be sent by Email on July 25 (Mon), 2022.

7. Period of Study: September 1 (Thu), 2022 to March 31 (Fri), 2023
* Research students may take Japanese language courses for exchange students during this period.
* Upon application, students may be accepted as research students after April 2023.
* If you pass the Special Selection Examination for International Students, you can enroll as a graduate or undergraduate student.

8. Financial Support: Students may apply for the TGU Scholarship for Refugees. Application for the scholarship should be made after enrolling at TGU.
(1)Stipend amount (The stipend will be paid after the applicant enters Japan and becomes a research student at TGU.)
 ①400,000 yen for travel and living expenses (one-time only)
 ②An amount equivalent to the tuition fees (offset against the payment)
 ③75,000 yen per month for study support
 ④34,700 yen per month for housing expenses (for students living in the exchange students’ dormitory, the amount will be offset against the dormitory fees)
 * If the student receives other financial support, the difference will be paid up to the amounts in ① through ④.
(2)Number of recipients: 4
(3)Duration of scholarship: Minimum study period; maximum of 2 years for research students.
(4)Application documents:
 ①Scholarship Application Form for Supporting Refugees, etc.
 ②A copy of the document certifying that the applicant is a displaced person in Ukraine

9. Contact: Tohoku Gakuin University International Affairs Office